Dear Genesis, Just wanted to attempt to express how grateful we were with the services you offered to our Mother and to our Family recently.

We felt like our Mother was cared for with the most compassionate staff. Our wishes were to make sure her final days were as comfortable as possible. Your staff took every step possible to make that happen. I’m not sure how much Mother knew what was happening with her diminished cognitive skills, but I want to believe she knew the love that surrounded her.

My brother and I had so many questions about the process and what was happening. Again, your ladies took extra time to answer our concerns and explain what was to be expected. Such a hard process to go through, however your ladies took some of the anxiety away.

Your services have to be provided by people with big hearts and know how to show that compassion to the family members. Your team goes above and beyond. I was so comforted to watch them…It was almost as if they had grown up around and knew my Mom personally.

Again, Genesis; Thanks for all the support and care.

The Elswick Family

We never know what lies ahead. Life is a miracle that I was lucky to share with my wife, Karen, for 41 years. God blessed us with a wonderful marriage and yet, sometimes our lives change direction. Karen was diagnosed with dementia in her early 50’s and was given 10 years to live. I took care of her for 7 years while we could still share many things together. As she failed, I found I needed more help and did not have the ability to give her the care she needed. One night I realized the need was greater than I could handle and I called Genesis Oliver (whose parents had been in my bible study). Genesis was so caring and explained to me what to expect and more. Her compassion was extraordinary and the care hospice brought to Karen was a blessing. This group of professionals exceeded all my expectations. Karen and I were helped by their staff and the next few years passed with lots of good memories. I really can’t say enough good things about Legacy. I have told many folks about what they did for us and pray that is you ever face death, you will have such support.

Richard Hudson

I just want to thank you and your nurses for the excellent care you all have given me. You have helped me so very much with my breathing. In palliative care, when I called and told you I needed help, you were right there. Then, when I got COVID, you were right there and got my medicines ordered, and I improved quickly. Then, when I ended up with pneumonia, you worked hard to try and fix that at home, ordering home health and antibiotics. When I didn’t improve, you sent me to the hospital. I ended up getting very, very sick, and didn’t respond to the antibiotics. I spent 18 days in the hospital, some of which I can’t remember, but was told I almost died twice. My doctor sent me home and told me I was dying, but you didn’t agree, and your wonderful hospice nurses pulled me out of that, too. I am happy I am no longer on hospice, but thankful that you are still taking care of me in palliative care. Thank you for keeping me breathing!

Nora Strouth

Lisa, Kayla, Judy, and staff of Legacy Hospice, I want to thank you so much for attentive care you gave my mom during her last hours and the morning of her passing. Thank you for helping me with her request to get her out of her chair, thank you for cleaning her up and making her as comfortable as possible, thank you for coming in the late hours and early mornings and for your time you gave to see that we were ok. Thank you for carrying some of my burden for those last hours. It was a huge relief to me not to go through it alone. I only wish she would have allowed me to have you come sooner. You were such a help and encouragement to me, when I needed it most though. So thankful for your gift and it was such a blessing to us!

Priscilla Monk

I would have to say that the staff at Legacy Hospice and Palliative Care are second to none! The love and care that they provided for my grandmother and my family is unsurpassed! They will forever be in our hearts!

Davina Hieatt