A Mission of Caring

Our mission is to empower our patients to have dignity and quality of life. We at Legacy Hospice and Palliative Care aspire to accomplish this goal by providing exceptional care, compassion, education, and resources to our patients and their caregivers. Our hospice team strives to enable our patients and their families to maintain an optimal quality of life during this important time. We also realize that the family's needs often exceed those of the patient; and we plan to meet these needs by providing the desired bereavement support.

Legacy Hospice is a nonprofit agency dedicated to serving the families of southwest Virginia with expertise and compassion. Legacy maintains state licensure, Medicare certification, and Medicaid certification.

In addition to continuously demonstrating that they embody our philosophy of caring, all our caregivers must pass rigorous professional standards including thorough reference checks, ongoing professional education standards, skills competency checks, licensure verification, etc.

We realize patients are more comfortable in their familiar surroundings and our ultimate concern is our patients' comfort. Our team members will visit frequently and will provide necessary care, answer questions, and provide education. Your doctor can remain in control of your care and will provide orders for our team to carry out. Patients may also discontinue hospice services at any time they choose with the option to be re-admitted to hospice services upon their request.