A Mission of Caring
Our mission is to empower our patients to have dignity and quality of life. We at Legacy Hospice aspire to accomplish this goal by providing exceptional care, compassion, education, and resources to our patients and their care-givers. Our hospice team strives to enable our patients and their families to maintain an optimal quality of life during this important time. We also realize that the family's needs often exceed those of the patient; and we plan to meet these needs by providing the desired bereavement support.
Hospice patients in Richlands VA
Anyone can make a referral to hospice: a physician, a patient referring his or her self, a family member, a discharge planner, etc.

To make a referral, call toll-free:
When my life
Is finally measured
In months, weeks
Days, hours,
I want to live
Free of pain
Free of indignity
Free of fear,
Free of loneliness.
Give me shelter.
Give me your hand.
Give me your care.
Give me your understanding.
Give me your love.
Then let me go peacefully.
And hlep my family